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Diversity — it’s not just a word, it’s a way of doing business at Flexco. Because our manufacturing capabilities expands over 30,000 OEM products and our services continually exceeds expectations, we are invited to provide products to a variety of industry segments. The following are the industries in which we specialize, but it is important to note that our services are not customized by industry, but rather by customer. Because of this, our sales, engineering and manufacturing teams are able to offer innovative ideas for applications that stem from cross industry expertise.

Steel Shooting Targets

When it comes to Target Shooting, safety is the first factor to consider. Flexco manufactures steel shooting targets from AR500 steel, specifically alloyed to ensure safety and strength for extended use. The material properties of AR500 steel provides abrasion resistance. This enhances safety by minimizing deflection and endures tough conditions making it an optimal return on investment.

Law Enforcement, Shooting Clubs and Recreational shooters trust the portable laser cut targets for adding visual interest and safety to the sport. Flexco is making a mark among enthusiasts who are looking for a tested product from a trusted manufacturer. Flexco can laser cut any customized shooting target. Customized targets add a bit of creativity to the sport and have become a trend at shooting clubs and ranges across the country. We understand the shooters’ lifestyles and respect their desire for absolute safety and the freedom to enhance their shooting experience.

Specialty Vehicles & Buses

Lightweight, strong and with a flawless finish. The Specialty Vehicle and Bus markets thrive on product solutions that are visually pleasing and structurally strong. Flexco responds to the call by engineering products that make the end-product more marketable with enhanced visual qualities and enduring function. When it comes to transportation, Flexco products keep people moving with added conveniences.

RVs & Mobile Homes

The RV and mobile home industry has a rich history in Northern Indiana, and Flexco has been a partner in that success story. Our engineering team works seamlessly with the manufacturers’ product development teams to ensure continued product enhancements that provide conveniences for this on-the-go lifestyle.

Flexco understands that lightweight materials and long term durability define the product needs for this audience, and our manufacturing capabilities enable quick response times that can fluctuate at a moment’s notice. We respond with expedient service to keep manufacturing lines running and inventory to a minimum for our manufacturing partners. When it comes to understanding the RV and mobile home customer’s lifestyle, we ride a mile in their shoes and design our products for their convenience.

Cargo Trailers

Flexco supports the continued growth of the trailer industry in all its variety of uses with components that are rugged and durable. Cargo, car, race, motorcycle, adventure, livestock or specialty, our products support personal recreational use, large heavy duty hauling or any need in between.

Flexco responds to fluctuations in market demand with remarkable turn-around times, competitive pricing and new product innovations that provide added value and cost savings. We partner with our customers to provide components for trailers with unsurpassed quality, value and durability for the long haul.

Implement Attachment

Built tough equates to less down time and more time on the job for men and women working in Construction, Agriculture, Landscaping and Excavating. Whether its moving dirt or storing seed bags, Flexco manufactures implement attachments to help get it done quicker and easier.

As the producer of our own raw materials, we can ensure that the raw materials that go into our products back up our quality philosophy, and the flawless robotic welds of the Flexco attachments are but one visible display of our unrivaled workmanship. For tractor attachments and skid steer attachments, our customers expect results, and we deliver those results with our Built Tough attachments.