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Flexco Strengths 

Becoming a respected supplier does not happen by chance. Flexco’s products are trusted and proven as a result of years of experience and technological advancements. This is the very reason why when it comes to innovation and advancements in the fabrication of steel and aluminum, we do not rest. Our continuous pursuit to provide products that support aggressive lifestyles means that we must live and breathe trends in the marketplace and understand our customers’ manufacturing needs to the minutest detail. This comprehensive “know-how” coupled with the manufacturing competencies to make it happen is what makes Flexco a trusted supplier.

Competitive Advantages


We understand that a tough product is the result of the fine details. Our processes are designed to ensure that our products can endure the rigors of the application. To make that happen, we provide a full line of services that add value to the product and support our manufacturing partners’ operations. We build relationships around these services and are dedicated to the industries we serve.

Facilities & Equipment

Our attention to detail and innovation do not stop at the product level, they permeate every aspect of our operation. That’s why at Flexco we boast modern manufacturing housed in a meticulous environment.

Engineering Team

It's a common saying that the strength of a company is its people. That adage is certainly true for Flexco Products where the strength and integrity of our people is what sets us apart. We are proud of our engineering professionals, a team full of experience, expertise, and entrepreneurship. With our combined experience and ongoing training, Flexco has one of the strongest engineering support work forces in the industry.


When you engage our engineering process, we bring our many years of application expertise to bear on your project. No large bureaucracy, no middlemen. Our engineers roll up their sleeves and get to work with your staff. If it can be done, it will be done. That is our attitude and our commitment to our valued partners.


Flexco Products currently offers five flatbed semis and two five ton delivery vehicles servicing Elkhart and the surrounding areas.  We also work with OTR trucking companies to provide the best, most cost effective method of delivery.